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Drone content stand out on Social media. It tells the story from a different perspective and drives engagement. 


We take drone photo and video for events, weddings, property marketing and brand promotion.


Before we start any project we chat with our client and understand their exact needs.  

HawkAye are one of the top drone operators covering Glasgow and Scotland. We have been operating commercially for over 7 years and work with some brilliant clients in a variety of industries. 

We can capture raw content that feeds into a wider project and we also have a full end to end production offering. 


Top 5 Benefits of Capturing Drone Content


  1. Unparalleled Perspectives and Visual Appeal: Drone content offers unique aerial views that provide fresh and captivating angles, elevating the visual narrative of any project. This can make content more engaging and visually striking, distinguishing it from traditional ground-level photography and videography.

  2. Cost-Effectiveness: Utilising drones for capturing content is significantly more cost-effective than traditional methods that may require helicopters or specialized aircraft. This makes high-quality aerial footage accessible to a wider range of projects and budgets.

  3. Versatility and Flexibility: Drones can be flown in a variety of environments, from tight urban spaces to expansive natural landscapes, offering versatility in capturing content. They can easily adjust to different heights and angles, providing flexibility in how content is captured to best suit the needs of the project.

  4. Enhanced Marketing and Promotional Value: Drone footage can dramatically enhance marketing and promotional efforts, offering compelling visuals that are more likely to capture and retain the attention of the target audience. This can be especially beneficial for industries like hospitality, tourism, and events, where visual appeal is super important. 

  5. Efficient Monitoring and Documentation: For sectors such as construction, agriculture, and environmental monitoring, drones offer an efficient means of documenting progress, conducting surveys, and assessing conditions. This can lead to better-informed decision-making, streamlined workflows, and enhanced project management.



What our Clients say

PWS Image -14.jpg
PWS Renewables PNG Logo.png

PWS Electrical

Scott produced a video for my business to show case solar panels and battery storage installs. He listened to my aims for the video and offered great advice on how it should flow. The editing process was helpful as I was offered multiple options to decide what worked best. All round it was a great service and I'm very happy with the professional finished product..

Radisson RED Shoot 23 - Image -12.jpg

Radisson RED

Fantastic and forward thinking company. Pleasure to deal with. We use all year round for engaging and creative content at Radisson RED.

Buchanan Galleries ML Architects copy.jpg

Michael Laird Architects

Fantastic service throughout, with quick, clear and professional communication. Was very flexible with a can do attitude, going the extra mile to get the perfect shot for our requirements. Very good photography and video content. Highly recommended and likely to use again in the future.

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