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Tollcross Park by Drone - Wow 😍

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

We recently shot some stock content at Tollcross park and what a beautiful park it is. So much so we decided to write a blog about it. The park is very well maintained and has many things to do, but taking in the rose garden has to be the highlight.

Drone shot of Tollcross Rose Garden
Tollcross Rose Garden

The rose garden is internationally recognised and having seen it in person we can definitely see why. It looks stunning from the ground but being biased the drone just lets you see it from a completely different perspective.

There's so much to do including a children's farm, nature walk, a children's play area as well as picnic benches and the visitor centre.

Using the drone to capture the park from a different perspective really gives a unique view and shows just how stunning the park is.

We shared a video of the park on instagram which has over 50,000 views and Visit Scotland also shared our content on their pages.

The park also looks stunning in Autumn so if you get a chance it's definitely worth visiting for a leisurely stroll.

We'll leave you with this drone video that we created to share the park in all its beauty.

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