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Capturing The Solasta Riverside Development by Drone

Solasta Riverside is a new residential development in the heart of Glasgow, offering a stunning collection of apartments with unparalleled views of the city skyline.

The developers of Solasta Riverside wanted to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of the building, and that's where HawkAye came in. HawkAye is a leading provider of drone content in Glasgow, with years of experience capturing high-quality footage of various locations and events. Our expertise in drone photography and videography, combined with the brief made for an exciting project.

The objective of the project was to produce a series of images and videos that would bring the development to life, and showcase its features and benefits in a visually appealing way. This would not only help promote the development to potential buyers, but also provide valuable content for the developer's website, social media platforms, and other marketing materials.

Our experienced drone pilot took to the skies to capture breathtaking aerial shots of Solasta Riverside from various angles and heights. The footage captured was then edited and combined with ground-level shots to create a stunning visual presentation of the development.

The drone footage allowed for a unique perspective of the building, providing a bird's-eye view of the entire development and its surroundings. The footage captured the development's proximity to the River Clyde, the nearby parks and green spaces, and the bustling city streets. The footage also highlighted the unique features of the development, such as its modern architecture, spacious flats, and panoramic views of the city.

The use of drone technology also provided a cost-effective and efficient way to capture footage of the development. Traditional photography or videography from the ground would have been much more time-consuming and would not have provided the same level of detail or perspective. The use of drones also meant that the team could capture footage without disturbing the residents or disrupting the surrounding areas.

The footage helped potential buyers to visualize themselves living in the development and gave them a glimpse of the lifestyle they could enjoy. The visuals also helped to promote the development to a wider audience, attracting interest from those who may not have considered it previously.

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