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If you need drone footage for your epic event - who you gonna call? 👻🔦🚁

We recently worked with Itison to provide an epic aerial perspective of the Glasglow event. The use of drones, including the DJI Mavic 3 and Mini 4 Pro, adds a new dimension to event coverage, capturing the events magic from above.

Setting the scene - what is Glasglow?

A supernatural dimension has opened in Glasgow's Botanic Gardens. Drop everything. Ghosts are taking over. It's SLIME TIME!

The UK's biggest Halloween event returned to Glasgow's Botanic Gardens with another epic 60-minute outdoor blockbuster. Taking in Marshmallow Land, gourmet street food village as well as a spectacular GLOW bar.

Drone shot of the botanic gardens during Glasglow
itison by drone

Working Safely

Before the drones took flight, we conducted a comprehensive risk assessment to ensure a safe and smooth operation. Considerations like weather conditions, airspace regulations, and crowd management were taken into account. We also took a full site walkthrough during the day. Luckily we were able to capture the majority of the park before it was opened to the public. It was especially cool to fly the drone inside the Kibble Palace.

Drone Safety Sign
Drone Safety Sign

What drones did we use?

The choice of drones plays a crucial role in capturing the different elements of Glasglow. The DJI Mavic 3, known for its stability and high-quality imaging, focuses on wide-angle shots to capture the event's overall atmosphere. Meanwhile, the Mini 4 Pro's agility allows for nimble navigation, perfect for weaving through tight spaces and capturing more intimate moments like the pumpkin fire trail.

The drone footage showcases Glasglow's scale and atmosphere, highlighting the event's various elements, from the to vibrant light walkways at the start, to the Epic ending at the Kibble Palace. This aerial perspective provides a unique and comprehensive view that adds depth to the overall event coverage.

The power of drone content on social media

Sharing the drone content on social media not only provides a virtual front-row seat for those unable to attend but also generates a buzz and excitement around the event and hopefully encourages people to buy tickets. The footage is unique and really captures peoples imagination.

We’ve worked with Itison for 5 years now and it’s always been a pleasure. Every year they raise the bar and bring epic events to the people of Glasgow and beyond. We are proud to play a small part in showcasing what they do to the world. We cant wait to see what they dream up next.

Looking to capture your event from a different perspective? Get in touch

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