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Exploring the River Clyde: Drone Collaboration with Clyde River Foundation

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Understanding the Clyde River Foundation

The Clyde River Foundation is a charity dedicated to research and education throughout the River Clyde Catchment. One of the main projects they run is the Clyde in the Classroom which is a great basis for outdoor learning and STEM education.

We were approached by the foundation and asked if we could provide an aerial flyover of the river from its source to the mouth.

Drone Image of the source of the River Clyde
Source of the Camps Water, near the top of the River Clyde

Utilising Drones for Comprehensive Surveying and Content Generation

Drones have revolutionised environmental surveying and content creation due to their ability to access remote and challenging areas. They provide an aerial perspective that was previously hard to achieve, aiding in the comprehensive study of rivers and their surrounding ecosystems. The partnership between HawkAye and the Clyde River Foundation capitalised on these capabilities.

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HawkAye's Exploration: A Day by the River Clyde

We embarked on a day-long project with David from the Clyde River Foundation to document the River Clyde from its source to its mouth. This endeavour involved the use of drones to capture high-resolution images and videos at key locations.

Beginning at the Camps Reservoir, the source of the River Clyde, we captured the early stages of the river's journey. The Water of Meets confluence, where two water bodies meet, was another significant location that was documented from above. This perspective offered valuable insights into the dynamics of the river's flow.

Continuing downstream, the Falls of Clyde, Blantyre Weir, the Govan docks, and Bodinboo Beach were all part of the visual narrative captured by the drone. These locations represented different facets of the river's character and function, providing a comprehensive overview of its course.

Educational and Visual Impact

Beyond the documentation itself, the captured drone content served an educational purpose. For school students, the imagery and videos brought the geography and ecology of the River Clyde to life. The dynamic visuals enabled a deeper understanding of how rivers shape landscapes and support ecosystems.

Conclusion: The Intersection of Technology and Conservation

Hawkaye Scotland's utilisation of drone technology to document the River Clyde for the Clyde River Foundation showcases the practical application of drones in conservation efforts. This project not only provided valuable visual data for the foundation but also contributed to the educational experience of students and the public. The collaboration underscores the potential of technology to enhance our understanding and appreciation of natural environments while supporting conservation initiatives.

What did the Clyde River Foundation say?

"We're an environmental charity that delivers a large scale educational project each year. This year, we worked with HawkAye to create drone footage to replace slides in a presentation showing various landmarks along the River Clyde. The footage and final video is absolutely stunning - it definitely enhanced the presentations held at the Science Centre and aided with pupils recall of information. Pupils, teachers and staff were blown away by the quality of the footage. It complemented the narrative perfectly - we would highly recommend working with HawkAye for any drone content needed."
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Aug 02, 2023
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Really Cool!

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