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Impactful Drone Content for the University of Glasgow

We were delighted to work with the University of Glasgow to capture their newest building from a different perspective. The ARC is a stunning building set in the University of Glasgow Campus in the west end of the city.

The University is creating an ambitious and exciting research environment, an environment in which people can collaborate, develop, be creative and do great things.

Our task was to capture the building in the best light both externally and internally. The footage would then be used to support the creation of a 2 minute video that will talk about the building, environment and how the students benefit from the different facilities.

As you can see the building is stunning - a welcomed addition to the campus.


What we did

We worked closely with the University to ensure we were able to capture content that looked great but we wanted to make sure the impact to students and users of the building was minimal.

The external shoot took place at sunrise which was around 6am. As you can see there was no one around so we managed to capture lots of epic shots without disturbing anyone.

The inside shots were a little bit tricker. We wanted to capture shots that had people in them so we had lots of signs up to make sure people where aware of the drone flying and also had a spotter to communicate with the public if they had any questions. We used the DJI Mini 3 Pro which only weighs 249g. We also fitted prop guards as an extra safety precaution. The wires for the lights were a potential hazard as well as the air conditioning fans so we were always keeping an eye out as we flew through the building. We flew in low speed mode, always in constant communication with the spotter.

The Results

The university were delighted with the content and it was used to produce a video celebrating the buildings first birthday.

It's always great to get some positive feedback.

"Scott at HawkAye was creative, flexible and helpful throughout our project. His hard work ethic and creative flair meant that the footage we got was of the highest standard, and exceeded our expectations. Scott made sure everything was taken care of and confidently coordinated multiple shoots, capturing everything we needed and more. Hope to work with HawkAye again in the future"

Interested in working with us to create your own drone content?

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